Teapot Types

There are various kinds of teapots. Each have emerged in various time periods to support peoples needs. The most famous teapot sorts have been described here so you know what weed is best to satisfy your wants.

Clay teapots
Clay teapots have been around for countless decades. They're known best for keeping the taste of tea and a richer, fuller flavored tea is produced by them when used to brew one type of tea several times.

A Yixing teapot is an unique type of clay teapot produced in the Jiangsu province of China. They're especially made for oolong tea that are mid-way between black and green teas.

Japanese tea ceremonies usually involve employing a clay teapot particularly made for this function.

Ceramic teapots

Ceramic teapots lend themselves to delicately painted motifs. Lighter flavored teas like green teas and organic infusions brew well in a ceramic teapot.

Utilizing porcelain to generate teapots arrived some time following the initial clay pots were produced and eventually began a brand new theory of using the teapot not just for function functions but also being a decorative item while in the dwelling.

Now you may buy several high end quality ceramic teapots which are practical and decorative.

Silver teapots

The silver teapot became exceptionally well-known the Victorian period in England amongst the upper class. Expensive tea parties are not complete with no gold tea set.

What is most attractive about these teapots is that they don't just serve to brew and serve your tea yet additionally they look amazing and may include a touch of sophistication to any home. They also make ideal gifts for special occasions and are something that people could have and enjoy for several years to come back which makes them great family heirlooms.

The single disadvantage is they are probably the type of teapot to preserve because they have to be routinely polished so as to keep looking their finest.

Glass teapots
Glass teapots have become popular within the last 50 years since they don't retain the taste of teas and therefore can be utilized for several different kinds of teas without tarnishing the style. They can also be utilized within the microwave and dishwasher making for easy cleaning and versatile use.

Not only are they functional however additionally they look fantastic because unlike any other teapot you'll be able to watch the tea leaves swirl and diffuse flavor.

To be able to ensure while making various kinds of tea the taste isn't moved usually people purchase several teapots. Depending on what kinds of teas you're going to use your teapot with this may be a choice you want to think about. You also may want to think about the size of the teapot to make certain you can fit a tea strainer or infuser inside so you don't wind up over steeping you tea.

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Chai Tea

Chai is a black tea mixed with numerous spices and milk (though it could be substituted with soy if you'd prefer not to drink milk), and in a number of traditions has been utilized to help replenish and cleanse the mind and physique It's still used today for many of the same functions.

A chai tea latte is composed of the following ingredients: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, pepper, milk, and honey. This unique combination of elements not only helps in rousing the body and mind, but is a superb flavor to try for those who appreciate cafes without the coffee itself.

The black tea contains high amounts of anti-oxidants, which help to fight "free radicals," materials with capacities of ruining our tissues, and more anti-oxidants mean less free radicals. High amounts of free radicals in the human body have been linked with illnesses brought on by cell damage such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and even cataracts.

Chai tea also comprises cloves, which feature Eugenol, which helps prevent digestive tract malignancies and inflammation in the joints. Eugenol is also recognized to be an outstanding source of anti-oxidants too.

Nutmeg is believed to be able to relieve anxiety, soothe upset stomachs, lower blood pressure and remove toxins in the liver.

But remember: caffeine is still contained by chai tea, like many teas, (though has about three times less caffeine than an average cup of espresso). it. You need to have no more than four cups of caffeinated drinks per day, and an excess in caffeine consumption from chai tea will render the health advantages of the chai tea latte minimal.